Bitcoin: Pay attention to these zones

Hello and welcome to a new analysis from Global Investa.

The mother of all crypto currencies Bitcoin is currently particularly strong. However, not on the top, but rather easily recognizable towards the south.

Still, there is nothing to worry about. The parameters have been clearly defined since last Friday, so that any movements did not come out of the blue.

After the previous steady downward movement, a marked resistance zone has formed at USD 57,400 and USD 56,400. If this is not exceeded in the long term, the market remains short-heavy.

Target price targets (on the short side) within the activity zones are USD 51,500 and USD 48,000 below that.

In general, increased volatility must currently be expected so that the market is closely monitored and trading positions are closely monitored.

But don't forget, the candles don't move randomly. The market is made by people and is therefore predictable.

Lots of success and profitable trades, your Global Investa team.