DAX: Success through turnaround dates in advance!

In our analysis of May 3rd, we discussed the turning point for the next movement low and the following high. The calculations for the cycle analysis showed a low on May 4th and a high point on May 10th. Both turnaround dates have arrived exactly (with a tolerance of 0 days). It should be noted that these data were known days in advance, so that relevant trading decisions could be prepared and planned in peace.

Anyone who has been following us for a while knows the potential of this analysis method.

(The turning dates have an average tolerance of 3 days. In 80% of the cases it is only 2 days.)

With regard to the current situation in the German leading index DAX, the next low is expected around May 14th (+/-). At this point, the demand should increase significantly again, but this has yet to be confirmed! Ultimately, it is always the market-moving actors who point the way. And you can then participate in their actions accordingly.

Always good trades!

Your Global Investa team