Gold: everything according to plan

Gold (XAUUSD) broke August support yesterday. The gold price is thus following its regular cycle, so the downward reaction came as no surprise. In the November 14 analysis, we warned of a reaction high around November 16 and pointed out a price decline until around November 27. Even without specifying any course goals, the position management could be planned excellently purely via this temporal direction filter.

The first signs of stabilization should show up towards the end of the month and provide for a sigh of relief until December 4th. As usual, our subscribers will receive the exact course goals and possible entry areas via our mailing list.

An excerpt from past turnaround dates:

- Gold high 11/16, tolerance 0 days

- Gold low 11/12, tolerance 3 days

- Gold high 11/5, tolerance 2 days

- Gold low 09/28, tolerance 0 days

(Our turnaround dates have an average tolerance of 3 days.)


Three special analysis methods are used within our swing trading strategy. In this article, only partial aspects were published and do not represent a complete trading system, investment advice or purchase recommendation.