Silver: cyclical calculation

Since the low of movement on November 30th the precious metal (XAG / USD) screwed up purposefully and is currently within the distribution zone. The first position closings can currently be seen here.

Should the course exhaustion continue, it will again become a counter-impulse with a decline until December 15. come.

An excerpt from past turnaround dates:

- Silver high 12/9, tolerance? Days

- Silver low 11/30, tolerance 0 days

- Silver high 11/6, tolerance 1 days

- Silver low October 29th, tolerance 0 days

(Our turnaround dates have an average tolerance of 3 days. In 80% of the cases it is 2 days.)


Three special analysis methods are used within our swing trading strategy. In this article, only partial aspects were published and do not represent a complete trading system, investment advice or purchase recommendation.