Silver: Plannable setups

The stock exchange is an incredibly complex structure, no question about it. But if you know exactly what to look out for, i.e. what is important in detail, you already have an incredible advantage.

Stock market cycles are part of such an advantage! Why... ?

The calculation of cyclical turnaround dates is the basic requirement within our trade in order to be able to plan and prepare a corresponding setup. So we always have a basic structure to know when and in which direction a setup generally makes sense and which probabilities can be derived from it.

In our past analyzes of silver (XAG / USD), we always announced the relevant turnaround dates in advance. For several weeks, the tolerance has been a maximum of two days. This allowed the chronological sequence to be determined and the risk to be reduced to a minimum. Using the chart analysis and the understanding (visualization) of the market-moving actors, the exact entries and exits as well as the position management can then be determined.

So could z. B. the past turning date of 15.12. (announced more than 7 days in advance) used excellently by our subscribers for a long setup and after a partial profit the position is already secured at break-even.

This turning point in particular represents a very important constellation for the silver price, as it will mark the start of an upward trend that will probably last several weeks.

The downward trend line that has been running since August has already been exceeded on a sustained basis, which at this point in time signals the initiation of a trend reversal.

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An excerpt from past turnaround dates:

- Silver low 12/15, tolerance 2 days

- Silver high December 9th, tolerance 1 day

- Silver low 11/30, tolerance 0 days

- Silver high 11/6, tolerance 1 days

- Silver low October 29th, tolerance 0 days

(Our turnaround dates have an average tolerance of 3 days. In 80% of the cases it is 2 days.)


Three special analysis methods are used within our trading strategy. In this article, only partial aspects were published and do not represent a complete trading system, investment advice or purchase recommendation.