“I have already spent a lot of money on books, seminars, private coaching, etc., but the success never really wanted to come about.
Depending on the market situation, I sometimes made quite respectable profits, but couldn't keep them for long and then usually lost everything again in a very short time. Unfortunately, this constellation has been repeated over and over again.
Thanks to Global Investa, I can now fall back on the unique network of experts and with a minimum investment of time.

For me, the subscription to Global Investa was absolutely worth it. I highly recommend it.”

Oliver M. from Bad Kissingen, Germany

“As a large company with around 35 percent market share, we are always looking for optimal solutions to invest our funds safely, efficiently and profitably. With the Growth Portfolio, Global Investa offers a well diversified and structured trading system, which has been able to achieve an attractive, positive absolute performance over the past few years.


The extremely carefully researched trading signals and the stable capital curve with only low drawdown phases are very praiseworthy.


We see a decisive advantage in the simple and quick implementation. Elaborate private research work is therefore completely unnecessary.


Working with Global Investa is always a pleasure and we can recommend the services 100%.”

Uwe R. (Managing Director), Germany

like a pro


“The multi strategies at Global Investa consist of at least four trading strategies. A high level of security is achieved through this diversification into different mooring classes.

The Global SuperTrend trading strategy convinced me. To deliver such a stable performance for so many years. Hats off! In my opinion, no investment fund can keep up with that. Especially since they always charge unbelievable fees.

At Global Investa, I know right from the start how much my subscription will cost me and I don't have to be prepared for hidden costs or subsequent commissions.

Absolutely transparent and at fair prices!"

Dirk S. from Ulm, Germany

“I've been following the swing trading signals for a few weeks. Entrances and exits were predicted EXTREMELY precisely! At times I can only report positive things. The price is absolutely justified.”

Birgit S. from Berlin. Germany

“Global Investa embodies the spirit of the times. Why rely on just one person when you can fall back on an entire network? The results convinced me.”

Mila C. from Andratx, Spain

“Global Investa does the daily research for me so that I can concentrate on other things.
Since my wife and I are fully employed, we don't have the time to spend several hours looking at our investments every day. As a “non-insider”, it is often unclear what to do. Where, in which security or in which market exactly one should invest.

Global Investa provides easily understandable and clearly structured signals according to which I can invest my money profitably.

Since this is my retirement plan, I don't want to gamble or take too high risks. What do I get with high returns if this is followed by extreme drawdown phases ?!

Decades of consistent and solid performance at Global Investa convinced me. Where other exchange services had to record high fluctuations, the trading system of Global Investa continued to run stably thanks to the perfectly coordinated strategies. This is how I imagine an intelligent investment!”

Daniel B. from Zurich, Switzerland

“The trading strategies are worth gold. It's just a shame that I didn't discover Global Investa's network of experts earlier. This would have saved me a lot of trouble and losses.”

Maja M. from Passau, Germany

“The swing trading variant of Global Investa is amazing! Several turnaround dates have just arrived. Top stock exchange service! Simply great!”

Stefan S. from Stuttgart, Germany

“As for many others before me, it was crucial for me to be able to manage my portfolio alongside my work and on business trips. Thanks to Global Investa, this is easy and possible at any time. In this way I can safely manage our investments and still achieve high returns. It was also important to me that my funds are widely diversified and that my portfolio always remains in a healthy balance.


What I couldn't do as a single person is possible through Global Investa's network of experts. I am happy and will continue to stay with Global Investa!”

Marco S. from Lucerne, Switzerland

“Global Investa moves with the times. I can access the best trading strategies and am not dependent on an expert and his strategy, but flexible, no matter how the market is going. The results speak for themselves.”

Paul E. from Innsbruck, Austria

“Groundbreaking market analyzes with an excellent hit rate. I have the G.I. Booked Swing Trading Signals at Global Investa and am still very enthusiastic! The forecasts are truly sensational! Praise to the Global Investa team!”

Georgios S. from Koblenz, Germany

“I have already contacted a number of supposed experts online, but no one has been able to convince in the long term. Global Investa's strategies have been proven to work and are easy to implement.”

Michael M. from Aschaffenburg, Germany