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About us

Global Investa is an association of international stock exchange experts. Our mission is to make intelligent and lucrative investing on the stock market widely accessible through our professional trading systems.

Due to high inflation and negative interest rates, it is no longer possible for citizens to increase their money profitably. We stand at the side of all those who lack knowledge or simply lack the time and resources to understand the complexity of the market.

As a network of experts, we analyze markets around the clock and around the world, research background knowledge, bundle information and pass it on to our customers in a well-prepared and understandable manner. This is the only way to make complex issues and investment strategies understandable, comprehensible and, above all, even applicable.

Our team around CEO and chief analyst Michael Neubauer has actively traded and invested on the stock exchange for the past 25 years. Many significant phases, U-turns and explosive impulses were partly predicted to the day and traded profitably.

Our unique trading approaches are based on years of experience and competence in the field of chart and cycle analysis.
With the help of proprietary indicators, artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database, our trading systems are profitable, crisis-proof and well diversified.
They are characterized by a long-term stable and profitable performance with minimal risk and were able to convince and survive even in various crash phases.

With our work, we always rely on long-term, trusting and satisfactory customer relationships.

Global Investa - a network for the best results!